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I have long been aware of the healing power of "intent" and have had the privilege to work with many healing disciplines over the years. I founded the "Natural Harmony Centre" to provide a resource for holistic healing and a centre where people could gather to achieve "Well Being".

Carol Cumber  @  Sure that all the answers do not lie within any single discipline, we have set out to gather a number of qualified, like minded, caring people, competent across the spectrum of "Complementary Therapies", to work together in order to provide you with as many answers as possible. We also have a team of people whose knowledge and experience we can access across the UK; the "satellite" members of our team.

For myself, my journey is as any other - that of learning and application. I have a background in training, and in turn have been trained in such areas as motivational psychology, goal setting, Indian head massage, sacred space clearing, natural healing, Reiki, intuitive healing and other modalities. I am also a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, having trained with co-founder, Richard Bandler. I have arrived at a point in my life where I now offer individual and group sessions for intuitive healing, run many courses offering insights for a richer "full" life.

Sessions with me can include hands on healing, the use of crystals in healing, perhaps planning strategies for inviting happiness into life, or at other times psychic sessions offering guidance for the choices ahead or perhaps insight from departed loved ones who may have a message for you. Suffice to say the sessions are what they need to be for the very individual need of the client, designed to facilitate healing and lasting personal change.

I have been running courses over many modalities for nearly 30 years now. Here at Natural Harmony Centre, I share my experience in the areas of healing and psychic development and I also facilitate the Awareness Evening which are provided free of charge - all details are listed within this site. No two people are ever the same and therefore require individual attention - individual plans to move towards well-being is what we offer. The combination of skill groups available produces a unique and very effective path to lasting health, self-development and well being. We look forward to partnering up with you to achieve your idea of wellness.

I live here in Mid Wales, at Hir Rhos Ganol, with my husband and three children. I continue to further my interest in herbs and the natural synergy between earths abundance and all those who live on this planet.

If you are not sure if what we do here at Natural Harmony is for you, but would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us or why not drop in for a cup of tea and you can see for yourself?