Dave Start  @ NatrualHarmonyCentre.co.uk  Meet Dave Start...

Originally from London, I have been living in Wales for the last seven years. After 30 years as an engineer, I felt that the time was right to pursue my life long interests in fitness training, holistic healing arts and energy work, and fulfil my ambitions to start a new career as an acupuncturist.

Dave Start  @ NatrualHarmonyCentre.co.uk  My interest in acupuncture stems from my training in Aikido, Tai Chi and Qi Gong both from a martial arts and a healing perspective. This led to me studying Five Element Acupuncture at the renowned College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwickshire.

Graduating with a B.A. honours degree in Traditional Acupuncture was just the beginning of my journey. I have a passion for this profound system of medicine and its effect on people’s health and well-being. I am committed to on going training through continuing professional development.

I have full liability insurance and I am registered with Powys Council. All treatments are carried out under strict guidelines from the British Acupuncture Council of which I am a member.

Five Element Acupuncture works by balancing the body’s natural energy (Qi), this is done on all levels of body, mind and spirit and is suitable for all conditions, as well as for maintaining general health.

I would be happy to answer any questions or discuss your requirements so if you would like further information or a treatment, please contact me at The Natural Harmony Centre, I look forward to meeting you soon.

David Start