Kath Jones  @ NatrualHarmonyCentre.co.uk  Meet Kath Jones...

I have being very fortunate to of lived in Mid Wales all of my life, not realising its actual beauty, until the last few years when I started to appreciate the small things in life. I have worked through many challenges in my life having done this with the help of healing, NLP, homeopathic medicine, medical herbalists to name but a new of the alternative therapies I have had, each different in its own way and all enabling me to find ME!! Whether it is on an emotional, physical for spiritual level. Although I still have challenges in my life they don’t have the same effect that they used to.

Kath Jones  @ NatrualHarmonyCentre.co.uk  I firmly believe that our physical ailments are linked to emotional times in our lives and that living in the moment, not the past or future enables us to be at more peace.

I am able to help from listening to hands on healing, helping you to understand yourself and others.

Best Wishes