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I grew up in the Shropshire/Powys borders on a mixed farm which I ran with my father milking, calving and lambing for 6 years after studying for 3 years in Cardiff. Before marrying I travelled with my husband abroad in South America after which we settled in northern, rural Spain for 3 years. After starting a family and with 4 young children we decided to return to live in Shropshire.

Liza Colley @ 2007 I was first introduced to HK (by Ben Calder) when I took my twin sons to him for their bronchitis and severe speech delay. Neither of them had started speaking at all until 4 years old and when they did with severe difficulty and the associated learning and behavioural issues. Very quickly their inhalers lay unused and they moved forward with their speaking, learning and behaviour. It is only now in looking back do I realise how far they have come as one of the wonderful characteristics of HK is the subtle and gentle way improvements occur. Subsequently I took my two younger children and then started having sessions myself; my extreme fear of death disappeared, I became more emotionally balanced, and improved self esteem had a positive effect on my personal relationships.

Increasingly intrigued by HK and after many times of trying to “sneak a peek” at Ben's books I started studying HK in February 2009. I qualified as a practitioner in July 2011 completing HK levels 1-5 concurrently. Simultaneously I have also completed advanced levels of HK6, HK8 and the additional skills of Causative Analysis 16P's, Scott Protocol and Intrusive Energies. I also have interests in Sacred Geometry and The Flower of Life Meditation.

Health Kinesiology is an intriguing holistic therapy for the Mind, Body and Soul. It works with the entire person and their environment to identify what is needed to balance the body's natural energy. HK asks the body what is necessary to return it to optimum health and then uses non-invasive and natural techniques to help restore a sense of harmony in a calm and relaxing way.

Initial appointments are typically 1hr 30mins with subsequent appointments of an 1hr. Double appointments are available at approximately 2 hours. Children rates are available for under 16yrs and for children under 7years of age a surrogate, usually a parent or guardian, or someone whom the child knows well, will be used for testing. Couples are welcome for joint sessions. If clients are too ill or infirm I am very willing to travel to see them. (Travel charges apply to cover my costs)

I continue to be amazed at the beneficial effects of HK on my own life and that of my family and friends, and now clients. Everyone tells me how much smoother and calmer life is, and how much more energised and healthier they feel. I am excited by the endless possibilities of HK to bring greater health, happiness and vitality to every unique individual. Allow me to help your body realise its full potential. There is always a way and I am here to assist you every simple step of that way.

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