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Patrickis a STAT qualified teacher who trained for two years with Elisabeth Walker, herself trained by F M Alexander, and the final third year with Ron Colyer who qualified with Walter Carrington.

Patrick currently practices in Powys and Shropshire.

Patrick Pearson  @  As a qualified rowing coach and based on his pioneering work with the British Olympic Rowing Team, he runs the 'RoWise International' consultancy for Alexander Technique in Rowing, for AT students and teachers, rowers and coaches. He works with all levels of athlete at home and from abroad.

He also runs a number of introductory and specialist group workshops locally on request.

His special understanding of fine poise in demanding situations is being found increasingly helpful to equestrians of all levels and disciplines. His own interest in music and movement makes his work of special value to musicians, singers, performing artists and sports people.


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