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Sarah Churcher-Owen @ Sarah Churcher-Owen...

My name is Sarah Churcher-Owen and I first discovered the amazing support Shiatsu offers in the early 90's. I then went on to study with the Bristol school of Shiatsu in 1993 for 3 years, qualifying with a full Diploma. I also went on to qualify with the Shiatsu Society in 1997 with whom I am still registered today.

Sarah Churcher-Owen @ have studied different styles of Shiatsu since my initial training, from energy based approaches to more physical movement ones. Today I offer treatments for you that take a view that includes not only your body and physical needs but also honouring wherever you may be at emotionally in your heart and soul.

I believe Shiatsu brings you into balance within yourself and provides help with many painful conditions. My part in this is to support you and encourage any changes needed within your energy system and body for alignment and balance. I feel it is important to note it is you and your own healing system within that does the healing, I am just here to help you along with this process.

I continue to deepen my practice and keep my training up to date by attending various workshops in Shiatsu, Energy work and Bodywork. This helps me to be able to offer a supportive practice for clients to come to. With symptoms ranging from painful physical issues to needing emotional support and space to unravel in. Promoting wellbeing and relaxation.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me

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