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Hello - Twenty Seven years ago I moved from the hustle and bustle of city life to live and work in the heart of rural Wales. It was like coming home, and I began a journey of self discovery and learning that lead me to become a Person Centred Counsellor.

Sonya Smith  @  My journey has been one which has brought me many insights and an understanding of my ‘way of being’ with people. A journey in which I have explored many holistic and alternative ways of understanding myself and the world around me, including studying Sound healing, and attaining Reiki Level Two. This exploration eventually lead me to discover counselling.

The more I learned about counselling, the more drawn I felt to continue to learn, and this ultimately lead me to train for four years to become a fully qualified Person Centred Counsellor. It was a training unlike any other I had experienced, and far far different from my earlier studies for my Honours Degree in Education, though it touched upon work I had done for my Diploma in Art and Craft where the inner intuitive creative self was explored.

My Person Centred training , alongside learning theory and a practical understanding of Counselling, also, and just as importantly, was a journey to learn about my own intuitive way of supporting and nurturing others. In so doing I came to realise that it was no surprise that I was drawn to study and then work with others in this Person Centred way – it was and is, another ‘coming home’ for me, and it is an ever learning journey and exploration. My life and work experience has always lead me to engage intuitively with people in ways that helped them discover and experience their own strengths and value, be that friends, family, acquaintances or people I met through my work. My counselling training enabled me to experience a deep understanding of myself, to recognise, appreciate and express who I am as a person, and nurtured and liberated my own innate, creative and intuitive way of being with people. My work as a Person Centred Counsellor is a natural extension of my intuitive ‘way of being’. My personal journey embraced many aspects of how the Person Centred Counselling process helps and supports my clients. A way of being and working alongside you that encourages, supports and helps you explore your own inner knowing of who you are - your own ‘Inner Brilliance’, to discover how you can grow from and move with your life experiences in a way that is unique, that feels right, and that works for you.

I look forward to meeting you, and working with you on your journey.

For more information on any of my work please contact the Natural Harmony Centre or feel free to call me directly on 07856 536 907


Dip.Couns. Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy ( BACP. )